Whilst everything is going well on the “horse flu” scene the National Management Group (NMG) stresses that it is critical that everyone continues to comply with restrictions.  A major setback could occur if someone did the wrong thing.

We’d really like to completely eradicate this virus from Australian shores.  If achieving that means spraying your hands and dipping your shoes in the tray of disinfectant before entering a local store, it really isn’t too much to ask is it?  It is for just a bit longer folks!  You can do it!

Any of us could have unknowingly been in contact with a surface touched by a person contaminated with the virus when we were shopping in at Strathpine!!  So the fact that we don’t have horses of our own does not mean that we cannot spread the virus to our community e.g. transferring the virus to a surface which may later be touched by a horse owner i.e. when they come in to do their shopping. . . . Or handling a product, putting it back on the shelf, then an unsuspecting horse owner buys it and takes it home.  If they don’t touch the contaminated section with their disinfectant sprayed hands then, but later when putting it in the cupboard at home . . . OOPS!  Avoid this by spraying your hands before entering the store – then all that you touch is “safe” for others.

Some young lasses around town would do well to consider the possibility that a visitor to our township, stopping in for lunch at the café or similar, could well be unknowingly carrying the virus.

Minimising contact with other people and the areas that they frequent, whilst out riding your horse, could well prove prudent.

Even though some movement of horses is now permitted within the Red Zone, de-contamination is still an important procedure for horse owners to continue to follow.

At the time of going to print, horses may be moved in the RED ZONE – by walking, leading or riding – but only during daylight hours and always back to their point of origin on that day.

A travel permit is still required for horses transported by vehicle.

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