Dear Editor, on streetscape

I note Mr Bob Neil’s concern about Dayboro’s streetscape (letters, December 2007).  My concern is that land owners are being forced to conform to any architectural standard of building design at all.  The old buildings in Dayboro are such as they are precisely because when they were (jerry) built, there was no architectural regulator commanding what land holders did, thank God.  Now we have absurd regulatory controls about building design that really belong in fascist and communist countries where freedom of expression is uniformly denied to all.

I for one do not wish anyone to be dictated to by either a well intentioned Mr Neil or by shire council style Nazis that have commanded the visual mishmash of the town’s modern buildings that Mr Neil also rejects.

I agree with Mr Neal about the absurdity of the ‘Town of Yesteryear‘ label.  The sooner we dispense with this meaningless slogan, the better.

By the way, I think that the ‘squirearchy’ to which Mr Neil refers should instead be rebadged the ‘squireocracy’ as the term has more resonance with the original Australian idea of a bunyip aristocracy.

Roderick Cruice


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