‘Jonesy’ falls on his feet

Shannon snoozing with the kitten, ‘Jonesy’.

Shannon snoozing with the kitten, ‘Jonesy’.

Visitors to the Old Mill Animal Hospital stand at Dayboro Day will remember three precious kittens tucked up in a display, to highlight the community’s responsibility to desex their pets.  The three kittens were found in a chook pen at around four days old, and started a life full of challenges.  With no feline mum to feed them, Old Mill nurse Holly took them under her wing and fed them around the clock.  Playing mum to such tiny kittens isn’t just tiring – it’s dirty work too!  Kittens would usually get stimulated to toilet by their mum, so Holly needed to do their toilet training as well.

Sadly, just after their 4 week milestone, the two smallest kittens faded and passed away despite intensive care. This is actually the most common time for hand-raised kittens to fade, but it was still incredibly sad to say goodbye to two of our treasured babies.  The large male continued to thrive and grow, and so too did our love for him.

He remains much smaller than an average kitten of his age (now 11 weeks) but makes up for his size in his big personality that shines through.  Nurses Holly & Shannon now share the mum role with Jonesy and he still visits the clinic regularly but only for social outings nowadays.  (You might spot him crawling out of Shannon’s vest sometimes!)  He appears to have Ragdoll breed markings, although his hair is still quite short.  It will be interesting to see what sort of physical characteristics he develops when he’s fully grown.

Jonesy’s loving home is a far cry from the death sentence that most kittens in his situation would have faced.  It is a timely reminder to desex your cat as soon as it is safe to do so, to completely remove the risk of accidental litters.

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