Our volunteers at the Samford Museum

Our young volunteer, Emma Davis, is back again here at the Samford Museum.  We first meet Emma in 2012 when she was a student at Ferny Grove High School.  She volunteered to help organise different areas within the facility.  One of the first rooms she worked in was basically “the ladies room” which is full of many different apparels, such as hats, jewellery, sewing books and many, many more.  Her job was to organise these objects into the appropriate, or relevant, positions.

Our volunteers at the Samford Museum:  Volunteer Emma Davis.

Our volunteers at the Samford Museum: Volunteer Emma Davis.

Another such area was “The Mews” which is the home to saddles and lots of horse related objects.  It was a matter of dusting and wiping down such items.  The time spent here  also gave Emma a rough idea of what goes on within the museum.  This was very helpful as her aspiration in life is to be a collection manager or curator at a museum or art gallery.  Emma spent many hours of her school break at the establishment.

So with school over and done with Emma now attends UQ and is studying Bachelor of Arts which opens up many doors into various histories such as anthropology and archaeology, just exactly what her aim in life is all about.

Presently Emma is spending her time in different areas in which she is needed as there is always work to be done.  All visits to the museum have been of Emma’s own accord.  It is fabulous to see young people engaging in activities within the local community. I personally would like to congratulate our young volunteers.

Ronald Domrow, affectionately known as “ Our Ron” is a very regular and popular volunteer at the Samford Museum.  Ron is always willing to give a helping hand.  On his arrival at the museum he is greeted in a number of different ways.  Maybe with a high five, a hello Ron, a hug and/or a kiss, a big smile, thumbs up or the wave of a hand.  Ron responds with a smile and a very pleasant “yea”.

Our volunteers at the Samford Museum:  Volunteer Ronald Domrow.

Our volunteers at the Samford Museum: Volunteer Ronald Domrow.

He willingly assists wherever required.  Especially when we have the timber demonstrations with visitors from many different schools, respite centres, aged care facilities and a variety of clubs in attendance.  Even sitting on a log counter balancing it while the demonstrators manually hand saw the timber and direct their spiel and expertise to the audience.

With demonstrations over Ron is one of the first volunteers to reorganise and put away display items from the timber demonstration stage, where Ron will retrieve them in time for the next lots of visitors.  Along with other volunteers Ron will then return the tables and chairs to their relevant places.

At morning tea or lunch he listens attentively to the ongoing conversations and from time to time will communicate in his own special way, especially when his dad John is orating a recent event at home.

In spring, with his father, they can be seen digging the bindi’s from the lawn of the museum.  Ron is right beside him with his bucket.

“Our Ron” is a much appreciated volunteer, a very special human being and he has many loyal friends at the Samford Museum and is a very willing worker.

Want to be a volunteer like Ron?  Just call the museum on 3289 2732 or Geoff 0417 610 983

Bev Rauber Campbell,

Publicity Officer. *


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