Moreton Bay residents now able to safeguard against water leaks on their property

Unitywater’s residential customers can now protect themselves against the impacts of a concealed water leak on their property thanks to a new insurance product which is an Australian first.

Unitywater has partnered with international insurer MAPFRE ASSISTANCE to provide two insurance services for residential property owners in Moreton Bay, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

Residential customers have the choice of External Water Leakage Insurance ($58/year), which covers a concealed water leak or blocked water supply pipe situated between the meter and the house; or Water Leakage Insurance ($89/year), which, in addition to the water supply pipe, also covers concealed leaks in the internal plumbing.

This is the first service of its kind to be offered by a water and sewerage utility in Australia.

Bellara resident Bev Swan decided to buy the $89 policy to safeguard against future leaks in her property’s internal or external plumbing.

“I think it’s such a good idea and a great investment,” Mrs Swan said.

“Your house is your biggest asset and I think this is a good way to protect it.  To me, it’s a logical thing to do.

“It offers good coverage and it’s not a lot of money for a whole year.  If something does happen, you’re insured for it.

“I will be telling my family and friends about it.  I was talking to the lady across the road about it and I told her that it’s not to fix your taps if they are leaking, it’s to cover the pipes in your whole house if something went wrong.”

Unitywater Executive Manager Retail Services Judy Bailey said Water Leakage Insurance enabled customers to avoid large, unexpected costs associated with water leaks.

“We’ve had cases where customers have had several major water leaks in a relatively short timeframe, leading to a costly repair, a massive loss of water and a much higher bill,’’ Ms Bailey said.

“These leaks really are silent assassins.  They can be hidden in a wall or underground and they often go undetected for some time.  That is, until the bill arrives.

“This insurance is an option for our customers so they can protect themselves against unforeseen problems.  This is about letting our customers know that they do not have to shoulder this sudden expense alone.”

MAPFRE ASSISTANCE Australia manages Water Leakage Insurance using the services of approved local tradespeople.

MAPFRE ASSISTANCE is a global insurance, reinsurance and services company that operates in the five continents.

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