July2015_DAYBORO Local Ambulance Committee

NOTICE of Biennial General Meeting – Aug 13
(Annual General Meeting to precede this meeting)
The Dayboro Local Ambulance Committee wishes to invite permanent residents of Queensland who are over 18 years of age to attend the Annual and/or Biennial General Meetings to be held on Thursday, 13th August 2015 at the Dayboro Ambulance Station commencing at 6.30pm.
Permanent residents of Queensland who are over the age of 18 are invited to nominate for membership of the Committee.  Further information may be obtained from the Dayboro Local Ambulance Committee by phoning:
President (Marian Krause) on 3425 1791
Treasurer (Doreen Spillman) on 3425 1872
or by writing to:
The Secretary, 
Dayboro Local Ambulance Committee
P O Box 137,  DAYBORO  Q  4521

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