July2015_Activities at the Samford Historical Museum…

Six ladies arrived at the Samford Historical Museum to be greeted by organiser Eileen and her off sider Irwin to enjoy “Explore Moreton Bay by Walking in May”.  Eileen informed the group about the walk and the brochure Samford Village Heritage Trail, which was launched on Queensland Day in 2009.  The Rotary Club of Samford and the Samford Museum worked with council to create the walk. 
With maps in hand the group commenced their trek.  The earliest inhabitants spoke a dialect of the Waka language. 
The railway station was situated where the amenities block is in John Scott Park, the Samford Museum, the Rural Fire Brigade and the sewerage works were also part of the railway yards.  Samford Valley Hotel was called Samford Hotel prior to 1918.  When relocated it was called the Railway Hotel, and in the 1950’s was the Golden Valley Hotel.  The beer garden is where Currell’s Bakery stood.  Now named Samford Valley Hotel since 2003. 
The E S & A Bank was its own part in history.  High noon on 11 October 1948, the bank was held up. 
Our hall was originally from Lutwyche, demolished and re-erected in Samford and named the Farmers Hall.  Possibly the first function held was a welcome home for a local WW 1 soldier. 
A landmark of early Samford was the Samford Garage.  In 1930 during the depression “the cash poor farmers” sometimes paid for their fuel with produce.  Fred and Anne Weise owned the store and the post office.  Anne was the first woman in Samford to obtain a driver’s licence and she also provided a bridal service.  
In 1952 the Samford Rural Fire Brigade was formed. 
On return from their adventure, the walking party enjoyed a well earned rest with a cuppa and home-made cakes and biscuits, while chatting positively about their outing. 
Apologies for the error in “Anzac Day at the Samford Museum”.  It is Michael we must congratulate on forging the Viking outfit. 
Looking for an interesting place to visit?  Come and see us at the Samford Museum. Station Street, Samford Village. 
Open Wednesday and Sunday 10am – 4pm.  
Adults $5 , Students $1.
Further enquiries 3289 2743 Geoff 0417 160 983.
Bev Campbell Rauber, 
Publicity Officer.

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