July2015_AIR Meetings

Again we meet for our normal monthly meeting at the Wavell Heights Community Hall in Edingburgh Castle Road behind the child care rooms.  We normally meet at 09.30 till noon however this month we are off for our Christmas in July to a mystery site.  
Our next meeting will be on the 21st of August. We have various other forms of social outings as well as discussions on Financial matters, without giving advice.  Our members are made up in age groups of app. 60 to 80 years and we are usually fully or partially self funded.
We do have a pure financial section which discusses finances amongst ourselves again without giving personal advice. This group meets at the Chermside Library on the second Friday at the same times but admittance is for members only.  Membership is at a low annual fee.
We like to consider we are “Working for Australians in Retirement.”
Our contact Carl Nielsen 3881 1820 or sitram@powerup.com.au

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