Little Alfie’s big fight

Little Alfie’s big fight

Forty-five minutes before this first photo was taken, Alfie was bitten by an Eastern Brown Snake in his family’s backyard at Kobble Creek. He was rushed to the Old Mill Animal Hospital by his distraught owners, presumed dead. He was stiff and his eyes had rolled back in his head. In fact, he was so seriously ill and unresponsive that his owners broke the news to their children on the way to the clinic that he had passed away. Alfie’s owners brought in an excellent photo of the offending snake so we could positively identify it and give the appropriate antivenin.

Fast forward forty-five minutes, add in a strong steroid injection, and a vial of antivenin, and here he is up and about as though nothing had happened! He could stand on his own and wag his tail at all the attention he was receiving. Dr Annika is shown here discussing his serious prognosis with his owners.

Knowing he was a long way from being fixed, we admitted him to our Intensive Care Unit for constant monitoring and sure enough, he started to relapse again about 2 hours later. We repeated the antivenin with almost-instant improvements in his clinical symptoms.

The second photo is Alfie on the day after his brush with death, casually having an outing on the lawn in the afternoon sun and looking every bit the super-pooch he has proven to be!

Alfie is an inspiring testament to his quick thinking owners and the outstanding emergency vet work performed by Dr Annika and her nursing team.

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