Autumn Pests

With the rain we have had earlier this year the insects have been doing very well this year. Various scale insects as well as citrus leaf miner are thriving right now.

Citrus Leaf Miner presence can be recognised by the silver/clear trails they leave, particularly on young leaves.

Citrus leaf miner can be controlled by pruning and burning affected leaves as well as the use of white oil (should be applied until it runs off the leaves – only apply to the affected areas).A good home recipe for white oil is as follows:-
Equal parts vegetable oil and pure liquid soap blended together.
Two to three teaspoons of this mixture in a litre of water used as a spray.

I have found this to be very effective on Sooty Mould affecting native trees such as Lilly Pillies as well.

Don’t use this spray on hot, humid days or on plants with hairy leaves as you will cause stress to the plant, killing off sprayed leaves. Something to consider in Autumn is to limit the amount of fertilizer used on citrus trees also. Large amounts of lush new growth will only attract citrus leaf miner.

Host plants like Dandelions should be controlled as well to give the leaf miner less off season accommodation.

Scale insects can be seen by their dome shaped coverings,  in various colours. They can be removed by hand if it is only a small infestation or, white oil can be used to suffocate them. They must receive a thorough coating of the oil to be effective.

On May 17th a permaculture workshop is being held at Four Winds, 104 Robinson Rd Sth. Ocean View.

There should be plenty of good information focusing on vegetables and the permaculture cycle.  Ph 3425 3138.

For information regarding Organic Gardening Club meetings Ph 3425 1553(Shane Fuller)

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