(re Dayboro Flooding 2011)

by Helen Rhue

 As I lay here awake in my very own bed
I think of those missing and mourn for those dead

These people are strangers but yet my heart breaks
To hear of their stories is all that it takes.

Their houses are ruined and their businesses gone
Yet their will to rebuild is amazingly strong
The vision on “telly” is a sight to behold
Of all of these people and the stories they’ve told.

The flood gave no warning, no time to get out
In some of the towns, not long ago facing drought.
As I watch all the people who are lending a hand
I feel proud to be part of this “Great Southern Land”

Even in Dayboro when our town was in need
We all rallied around, a great sight indeed
The streets were full of those giving their time
Helping with food or cleaning out grime.

And although it’s not fun when you are covered in mud
We did what we could for those devastated by flood
And as time marches on and the towns are rebuilt
When there’s no longer water just mud, dirt and silt,

When the people are back in the houses they love
With the green grass below and the blue sky above
We will remember their plight and be thankful becos’
They had lots of help from the people in Oz.

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