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Dayboro & District Rural Fire Brigade

Our condolences to Margaret Weston and family with the loss of Alwyn on the 4th of August.  Alwyn has been a member since joining the Bushfire Brigade in 1970 and will be missed by many.  DDRFB wouldn’t be where it is today without his ongoing support, devotion and hard work.  Farewell to our friend and comrade.

Thanks to those who dropped in to say G’day at the Combined Emergency Services Expo at Samford last month.  What a fantastic day.  If you missed it there is another one at Bribie on October 11.  More info closer to the date.

Having had several fire incident callouts in August we can’t stress how important it is that you are prepared for the bushfire season.  Do you have a Bushfire Survival Plan?  You can download brochures, permit applications and plans from the below website or call your closest brigade if you need assistance.  Some contacts below and other numbers can be found on ‘Your Community Contact List’ on the back page.

The first step in bushfire survival planning is understanding the levels of risk.  One of the factors affecting this includes Fire Danger Rating (FDR).  Do you know what they actually mean?  RFSQ (Rural Fire Service Queensland) uses the Fire Danger Rating system to ensure you are aware of daily fire conditions and the level of action required, depending on the danger rating, should a bushfire start in your area.  The higher the fire danger, the more dangerous the conditions.  You should use the Fire Danger Ratings as a trigger to take action.

Thank you to those landholders taking action by preparing their properties.  Pictured are new members Beau and Sophie at a recent HRB (Hazard Reduction Burn) at Armstrong Creek.  HRB’s provide a great opportunity for training in a controlled environment.

Beau and Sophie taking part in a HRB at Armstrong Creek recently.

Beau and Sophie taking part in a HRB at Armstrong Creek recently.

For info on fire activity check:


the Wardens’ Word

***ALL FIRES-ongoing request***

The wardens are requesting a courtesy call before lighting ANY fire please.  Even fires below the 2x2m permit requirements.  This is ‘not’ mandatory just a safety precaution. Thanks for your co-operation!


 If it is bigger than 2 metres in any direction you need a permit.

If it is bigger than 2 metres in any direction you need a permit.


Lightning strikes the earth over 100,000 times a day. 10 to 20% of these lightning strikes can cause fires.


John Juleff – Dayboro Ph: 0429 539 684

Dick Baker – Laceys Creek Ph: 3425 1515 or 0419 701 428

Stan Chambers – Mt Brisbane, Mt Pleasant Ph: 3425 1231 or 0427 200 937


Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for more up to date information on events and workshops, safety tips, cool stuff (& the hot stuff), hazard reduction burns, & photos.

Our 4 closest neighbouring brigades all have Facebook pages including Ocean View, Samsonvale, Closeburn & Clear Mountain.  Why not check them out too.


If we all do a little, we WIll accomplish a lot  

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