Take the challenge – National Stroke Week – Sept 14 – 20

The National Stroke Foundation is urging local residents to take the challenge and raise awareness to prevent stroke this National Stroke Week.

National Stroke Foundation Queensland Executive Officer Libby Dunstan said Stroke Week was about raising awareness to prevent stroke in Queensland and across the country.

“With the communities support we will shine a spotlight on stroke encouraging all Australians to have a health check, know the signs of stroke and how to minimise their own stroke risk,’’ Ms Dunstan said.

“It is all about bringing people together, encouraging healthy living and regular health checks.”

This year hundreds of Stroke Week activities are expected to be held in Queensland.  Throughout the week, all Australians are encouraged to:

  • Be aware of what stroke is, how to recognise a stroke and what to do
  • Live healthy to reduce the risk of stroke
  • Get a regular health check

Ms Dunstan said in Queensland there would be an increased focus on free health checks, through the successful Know your Numbers program.

“Over 300 pharmacy and community sites have registered to date to deliver health checks through the Know your Numbers program.  Other activities range from awareness morning teas, displays and talks, personal and team challenges,’’ Ms Dunstan said.

“Pharmacies, workplaces and community groups across Queensland will be providing free health checks with the support of the National Stroke Foundation through the Know your Numbers program.

“Visit your nearest participating Know your numbers site and find out your stroke risk and how to manage it.”

Ms Dunstan said National Stroke Week activities, whether community wide or personal would have a real impact on improving the state of stroke.

“No postcode is untouched by this disease; it is impacting our families and communities.  However, many of the more than 9000 strokes that will occur in Queensland this year can be prevented,’’ Ms Dunstan said.

“Be aware, live healthy and get checked this September.  Take action to reduce your stroke risk and learn more about stroke.

“The significant burden stroke causes cannot be overcome without the vital support of the community, health professionals and government.  Together we can fight stroke and win.”

Take the challenge this National Stroke Week and raise awareness of stroke.  Find out more, register your challenge at www.strokefoundation.com.au  Find your nearest Know your numbers health check at:


National Stroke Week runs from September 14 to 20.  It is an annual event which aims to raise the awareness of stroke within the community and encourage Australians to take action to prevent stroke.

The Know your Numbers program is delivered in Queensland with the support of the Queensland Government.

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