So what’s been happening? by Ryle Winn

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Ryle Winn
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Sorry I’ve been neglecting you all.

I’m a $10 punter- race horses I mean, not pokies.  $10 on each race and no more.

A couple of Sundays ago, Karyn and I went off to Caloundra races.  A trainer named Mick often has some handy horses nominated.  I’ve been told that Mick won’t bring a starter to the track if it hasn’t got a good chance.

  1. Race one. Mick’s slight grey horse came nearly last.  Not a good omen.  Races four and five fielded good prospects. Nope.  Each horse gave a good performance but neither came into the money.  By the last race, neither Karyn nor I had picked up a single dollar.  Feeling rather despondent, we decided to call it a day and head for home, as a storm from nowhere threatened to break.

Then without warning, the heavens bucketed down properly with impressive displays of thunder, lightning, wind, scattered rubbish and leaves.  No chance now to run to the car so we stayed put under a big sail.

On impulse I bolted over to the tote and put my customary $10 on Mick’s horse – whatever it looked like.  Karyn missed out as the horses had jumped early to try to finish the program.

We couldn’t see the horses through the rain.  In fact we couldn’t even see where they should’ve started from.  Soon enough though, coming around the turn and just into the straight one horse broke from the pack and started on a withering run.  I’d never seen anything like it.  He/she flashed past the post and the jockey could barely hold the horse to bring it back to the unsaddling enclosure.

It was Mick’s horse and at great odds too.

A bloke beside me said, ‘Mate I know that horse and it’s not that bloody good.  I think it was shit scared of the lightning.’

He tore his betting slip in half and tootled over to the bar while I lined up at the payout window.

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