Is that email about a World Bank Irrevocable Payment Order a SCAM?
We all should know about not opening suspect email attachments . . . particularly when they are from someone you don’t know.
I believe that the caution is usually "Don’t open attachments or emails from people you don’t know" – but that isn’t actually ‘do-able’ in a business-type situation, so we have to put our faith in our Anti-Virus and Internet Security software to do its job and pick up on anything ‘hinky’.
When I saw an email containing an attachment named "WORLD BANK IRREVOCABLE PAYMENT ORDER" I was suspicious.  Like the Dayboro Grapevine would have any association with the World Bank . . . well anything outside of Australia really, besides the purchase of software from an Internationally based company.
Therefore my first ‘port of call’ was to ‘Google’ that file name.
And this is where it took me:
"Caught in the Act
If you got here through a search, then that e-mail you’re receiving is a scam. Don’t fall for it! If you’re a scammer, see how many other morons just like you are trying the same lame scam, using the same mailing list."
Well I only did a cursory scan further down the page – then decided I had better warn others about this scam.
BUT when you consider that the email’s attached Word document had the very old file extension of ‘.doc’ as opposed the ‘.docx’ that has been in place for many years now. . . it sounds even less plausible that it is coming from a major organisation.  Don’t you agree?
We have to weight-up the plausibility of being the recipient of these emails, be it a International Lottery scam, a plea to claim money on behalf of some African Prince or similar, or whatever other scenario these scammers come up with.  Easy money?  NO – It’s a SCAM !!

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