NETWORK TOPIC November 2015

Arghh!  I know I’m over-tired when the mind starts exploring “Why is it so . . .” scenarios …..  You know about the Anexoria sufferers’ body image issues whereby they often see themselves as fat whereas we see a skeletal figure with overly prominent bones?  So what then is the name of the condition that many Hollywood stars fall foul of when they line up to get their lips looking they have just been brutally sucked into the vacuum cleaner hose?

DAYLIGHT SAVING  . . . and we KNOW that it doesn’t fade the curtains . . . .. .Why do the other states have to complicate things with daylight saving time?  Why do other countries do this too?  In what way does it assist with regard to your interactions on the other side of the globe?  It seems to just create a whole different set of complications e.g. Are they using daylight saving?  When does it begin there i.e. when will that move their clocks out of sync with the good old GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) variant?  If the time zones stayed ‘as they were’ all year around then the only factor to be considered when ringing another country – or state in another time-zone – is the stock standard variation to GMT, all year!

It just gives bosses the ability to steal that hour in the morning, robs us of the ability to choose what we could do when the sun rises earlier in the spring and summer months e.g.:

  • (a) A fitness regime to start the day right;
  • (b) Gardening;
  • (c) The opportunity to just enjoy the new day dawning; or
  • (d) [my favourite after a late night/early morning] sleeping in as the sun tries to burn through the curtains to ‘laser’ your eyelids!

How come scientists and ‘sleep experts’ haven’t weighed into the daylight savings debate on health grounds.  Having to get up and get ready for work when it is not daylight yet probably isn’t good for the body . .. . if you base it on the internal body clock excuse they give for shift work not being good for you – stress etc.

A lot has changed in the realm of working hours since Daylight Saving was first trialed in this country.  We now have a lot of de-regulation in that many employees in many sectors have flexible hours of work.  Free to choose whether to start early or late!   BUT . . .those who don’t have those choices are ‘caught’.  *

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