NETWORK TOPIC for October 2015


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A reminder about our deadlines – just remember it as being on the third Friday of the month.  This excludes the month of December though, as we do not publish an edition for January.

With this in mind, the 20th November deadline for the December edition is your last option to get your news “out there” in the Dayboro Grapevine until the February 2016 edition.  So do keep this in if you are planning events, meetings etc. for January or early February, or require an indication of attendance before the residents have a chance to read our February edition.  You would need to have notification of these events in our December edition – deadline being the third Friday in November.


We are happy to include details of your non-profit community group’s meeting dates and contact details in our “Your Community Contact List”.  The idea is that it serves as a ‘memory jogger’ – a follow up to reading your article and/or advertisement of the regular activity or meeting.

At times we get calls from people wanting more information about entries on the listing . . . So giving us a contact phone number, email contact etc. and a little more information about your activity can benefit your group.

Please help us to keep this information as accurate as possible by letting us know about any changes.

If your group is included on this list, contact me to confirm that the information is current – email preferred, but a letter is fine if you do not have email facilities with anyone in your group.


We receive payments from CAL (Copyright Agency Limited) in relation to copying of the articles contained in our editions.  This money will be on-forwarded to the author of those articles, if they make a claim.  Such claim will need to indicate the details of the article(s) i.e. the WHAT, WHEN and WHERE.

              Doreen Spillman.*

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