To whom it may concern

The Moreton Bay Eco-Alliance is currently involved in hosting the Facebook page MBRC Elections 2016, to open up public discussion of issues of concern to the Moreton Bay community, in the lead-up to the Moreton Bay Regional Council elections to be held next year.

The page aims to facilitate an open discourse on issues relevant to our region, such as town planning, environmental concerns, council transparency and public consultation processes, council rates and surcharges.

The Moreton Bay Eco-Alliance have invited current Moreton Bay Regional Council Councilors and new candidates to join interested individuals and community organizations in using this forum to engage in meaningful discussion of regionally significant issues.

You can visit the page here:


We look forward to your involvement in discussions with community members via this page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Members of Moreton Bay Eco Alliance

Robert Edwards 0458 155 991

Maarten De Vlugt 0434 299 585 (after 06.10.2015)

Emails:   eco.alliance.mb@gmail.com


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