Dayboro’s Cenotaph in Roderick Cruice Park.

Dayboro’s Cenotaph in Roderick Cruice Park.

Our Remembrance Day Service was conducted almost entirely by the School leaders with a little help from our Minister, Richard Lance.  Congratulations to Bailley Dreisse, Georgia Hutchings, Taya Mathiesen, Stephanie Ohman and Rusty Russian. The Last Post and Reveille were beautifully played by Taya Mathiesen and Stephanie Ohman.  So on behalf of The Dayboro War Memorial Association I would like to thank the school and the Principal, those pupils and all community members who attended the Service.

I would also like to thank Lion’s Sue and Ian Flinders for their technical expertise in providing music for the service and the Lions for providing the P.A. system, the Show Society for providing shade structures, tables and chairs, Niel Rowe for maintaining the gardens around the Cenotaph during the dry weather, Paul Stanton and the members of the R.S.L who helped set up and the pool managers for placing their sign out in the park announcing the service.

The refreshments after the service where provided by George Hartnett Funerals, so thank you Patsy Cains and Scott & Virginia from the bakery for organising that.  It is appreciated.

Richard Hawkins,

Chairman Dayboro War memorial Association. *

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