The Powerful Owl Group.

The Powerful Owl Group.

Celebrating the 5th birthday of the Powerful Owl Club of Samford, Ray O’Brien, Co-ordinator and Treasurer informed us of the history of the club.  Fourteen visitors arrived at the very first meeting.  Attendance over the years has been up and down during this time and at one stage for about four months only 8 or 9 presented on the day.  But the old adage “Soldier on and soldier on they did”, this attitude and perseverance paid off and the numbers increased and increased until today we average 20 – 22 each Tuesday.  With a birthday, must come a party, good and happy company and a variety of delicious food for morning tea.

After our weekly quizzes and general relevant articles, we all sang our club song written by our long term time member Val King, the song is ironically called The Powerful Owl Club Song.

Our passive exercises are always greeted with interest. “Keep the body moving”, we say.

Lunch time was “special not-so-good food” devoured with enjoyment.  Much chatter and laughter was the order of the day as we each played scrabble and/or cards games before leaving at 2pm.

Would you like to join in on the fun at the club, please feel free to visit us on a Tuesday 9.30am Farmers Hall Samford.  For further information please call Ray 33515667.

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