We have various socials and bus trips during the year with regular monthly meetings (excluding Nov and Dec).  Meetings are at the Wavell Heights Community Hall in Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights, located on the LHS going east, just up from the Bowling Club on the left.  They start at 9.30am and finish around noon.

Morning tea is provided for a small charge and we generally discuss financial matters and the running of our Association of Independent Retirees, plus social matters.  We do not however give financial advice.  A financial group meets monthly in the area, and is for members only, in a round table forum.  We are part of a national group that lobbies Parliament and we have various guest speakers monthly at Wavell heights.  We are now closed till January 2016 on the third Friday i.e. 15th January 2016.

Come and join a friendly group who keep you informed about retirees and financial matters.

Additional details can be supplied by emailing sitram@powerup.com.au

or phone at 3351 4126.                   *

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