. . . . Maybe even 2% . . . or more?

Research suggests that up to 87% of home owners have not reviewed their mortgages for over 5 years.

Talk to a mortgage broker that has access to a wide range of lending products from numerous lending institutions.  The more services your broker or advisor can offer, the better the solutions might be for you.

Why do people need to review their mortgage?

Whenever a rate changes, whether it be due to an APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) capital alignment requirement, or an RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) rate movement announcement, there are 2 new interest rates generated by the financial institutions.

¨ One rate is for their existing clients;

¨ The other rate is for new clients/new loans.

That “New Client” interest rate is always lower than the rate for their existing clients.

Over time the gap therefore widens between existing and new clients’ interest rates.

Therefore, 5 to 10 years on, whilst your lender may have been competitive when you originally obtained your loan, the story may be vastly different now.

Talk to a Mortgage Broker now. 

Who knows . . . The best deal could even be with your current lender . . . . but at the better, ‘new client’ rate.

Your circumstances may have changed since applying for that loan.  Your mortgage broker of advisor should be focusing on finding the best deal for you, one that suits your current circumstances, goals and life-stage.

What would it mean to you to save 1% or more on your mortgage?

Recently a client saved 2% . . . .

On a $300,000 loan that can be as much as $6000 interest saving per annum.

What could you do with $6000 extra next year?

A holiday?  Pay off the loan faster?

. . . What difference would that make to you?

Find out today!

The first 50 review enquiries will receive a Free, No Obligation review on their home loan, to see just how much money they could be saving now.

Book your review now – Let’s see if we can put you into a better position.

Phone Doreen on 0418 190 677 or John on 0432 379 203 to arrange a review.

WIN . . . WIN . . . WIN !!!

Organise that review now and you are entered into the draw to win one of 2 vouchers:

1 x $200 and

1 x $100

For individual or business tax, or accounting, advice.

Keep in mind that your mortgage broker, or advisor, has an obligation to be able to demonstrate that you would be put into in a better position, in order to for them to be able to recommend re-financing your existing mortgage.                  *

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