VALE Kieran Stokes 27.01.1974 – 16.07.2015


VALE Kieran Stokes 27.01.1974 – 16.07.2015

VALE Kieran Stokes
27.01.1974 – 16.07.2015

Kieran Stokes [also known as Herb, Gizzoms, Peck and Stokesy] – adored son, challenging brother, stirring uncle, faithful cousin, devoted father and all round top-bloke; passed away at our home on Thursday, 16 July 2015 in the early hours of the morning.  His unexpected and sudden passing was due to an unknown and tragically untreatable heart condition.  He was 41 years old.

Kieran couldn’t wait to arrive and was born 4 weeks premature, in the middle of the 1974 floods on January 27, after a complicated and tedious journey for Ruth and Geoff from Rohlf’s farm in Kings Scrub via Dayboro, Mt Mee, D’Aguliar, Redcliffe and finally arriving at the Royal Womens Hospital in Brisbane around 12 hours later.

Older brother to Nigel, who always looked up to and sought his big brothers approval; Kieran and Nigel’s sibling rivalry was well known and often ended in one or the other copping a punch.  Somehow the boys even managed to live together for a period of time which is a testament to their shared tolerance and bond.  Above all, they always had each others back.

Kieran willingly took on a father-figure role with his youngest sibling and sister, Clare, as well as being the proverbial big brother.  Clare was dragged around the motorbike tracks as a kid and was always immensely proud of his success on the track in the early years and again when he picked up his passion in recent times.  It wasn’t until the last 10 or so years that Kieran and Clare became closest – with Clare supporting and encouraging Kieran through his separation, illness and readjusting to life; Clare became Kieran’s unpaid personal assistant and fixer of pretty much everything.

Dedicated to his mother Ruth, Kieran became the man of the house at an early age and took on responsibilities that were never asked of him.  A constant support and tower of strength to his Mum, he also had her wrapped around all his fingers and toes.  An undeniable bond between Mother and Son, Kieran would usually kick up a bit of a fuss but in the end would do what it was Mum was after, and normally expand on this…perfect example is the chook pen that Kieran recently built Ruth, although a closer description would be a chook palace!

Geoff and Kieran maintained a friendship when the family separated and their strong bond over 2 wheels, which was formed in Kieran’s early years became the backbone of their relationship.  Geoff describes his time with Kieran as a conversation that always picked up where it left off.

The best Uncle and Cousin anyone could ever ask for, Kieran was invested in the lives of Brock, Steven and Leigh and their daughters Kristy and Shelby.  This is where Kieran’s larrikin personality shone through.  Getting a rise out of Brock was easy but Kieran didn’t like it so much when confident young Brock would stand up to him.  They found a common ground and Brock could often be found helping Kieran load up the ute for work or just hanging out in the workshop and asking Kieran a million questions about all the bikes.  The resemblance between Steven and Kieran made the family connection undeniable.  Kristy and Shelby were never far from Kieran’s mind and once he found Facebook, it made the relationship that much more personal.

Kieran never thought he would be a father but he took to the role with devotion.  Rohan and Amber became Kieran’s primary focus and every day he spoke with pride and wonder at the amazing little people they were growing into and his high hopes for their future.  Kieran enjoyed sharing his passion of bikes with the kids and they loved to spend time with Dad at the track or just being together.

Now…to the ladies whose heart Kieran captured, whether it was brief or maybe a little longer, sorry to say but his true love wore a 2-stroke perfume, guzzled fuel and had the sexiest 2 wheels around.  Kieran’s passions always lay with whatever he could put his hands on and his perfectionism meant that every fence, every post, every wire or whatever it was that he was doing, was done in a way that it never needed to be redone.

Kieran will be remembered for his signature look of cap and sunnies, his grin and chuckle; and stirring, playful nature. Unquestionable loyalty and faithfulness to all those who were close enough to be considered his friend; he asked so little of anyone, the heart of a man that lived for his kids, his bike, family and friends; whose soul enriched all of our lives.

Kieran was lovingly laid to rest in his beloved home-town of Dayboro on Friday 24 July, 2015.  The family were overwhelmed by the many hundreds of mourners who took the time to attend and pay their respects to Kieran, his children, his family and closest friends.                                  *


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