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Congratulations to Grace, Sophie, Beau and Chris on completion of FMS training and welcome to the team.

Huge thanks to those who assist our new members with separate training.  This additional training allows them to complete their FMS assessments in a much faster timeframe.  This training is organised and conducted by Brigade Trainer, Janet McCabe and 2nd Officer, Steve McCabe.  Thanks also to Dan Carter and John Juleff for assisting Janet and Steve and the trainees.

Dan Carter briefing crews prior to lighting up at a HRB (Hazard Reduction Burn).

Dan Carter briefing crews prior to lighting up at a HRB (Hazard Reduction Burn).

Great work by the Burns Coordinators to knock over some HRB’s (hazard reduction burns) in recent months.   The HRB’s take time and lots of planning so while we encourage you to call us to advise and assist, please understand you need to allow time for it to happen.  Once you call us, we need to inspect your property and complete paperwork.  There is always paperwork. You then need to arrange a permit (depending on outcome) and we need to start planning including arranging enough volunteers to do the job and there is a list.  There is always a list.  If you can mow it or slash it we suggest you consider this option. OR, plan ahead and call now, not a week from when you want to start.

This also goes for arranging for permits.  Fire Wardens are also volunteers so can’t always get to visit immediately.

Janet and Nadine recently completed a ‘First Aid Trainer’ weekend workshop alongside 4 other volunteers from the Brisbane Region.  This qualifies them to train and assess with fellow volunteers in First Aid and CPR.

This training is a positive step in empowering brigades to conduct their own training rather than enrolling courses outside of the Rural Fire Brigade.  We love it because it allows us to now train everyone (not just a few), and train when the time suits us, at no cost  – and most importantly, we feel safer on the fireground.  It will provide crews with peace of mind knowing there are more volunteers better prepared to treat a volunteer who is affected by injury or illness on the job.

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP)

A NSP is a place of last resort but if you find yourself in need of one, Dayboros’ is located at the Dayboro Oval at Don Kerr Memorial Drive, Dayboro.  The main purpose of a NSP is provide some level of protection to human life from the effects of a bushfire but does not guarantee safety in all circumstances.  Please consider the following if you find yourself considering this last resort option:

Firefighters may not be present

NSPs do not cater for animals or pets

NSPs do not provide meals or amenities

NSPs may not provide shelter from the elements

Doesn’t sound comforting enough?  Then we suggest you complete your Bushfire Survival Plan.  The better prepared you are the less likely you will need to resort to a NSP.  Find everything you need at

the Wardens’ Word

The wardens are requesting a courtesy call before lighting ‘ANY’ fire please.  Even fires below the 2x2m permit requirements.  This is ‘not’ mandatory just a safety precaution. Thanks for your co-operation!




MoretonAlert is an alert system provided by Council that can send out alerts to registered users about local disaster events via text, voice message and/or e-mail.  It’s FREE so why not register today, online or call on 3205 0555.


John Juleff – Dayboro Ph: 0429 539 684

Dick Baker – Laceys Creek Ph: 3425 1515 or 0419 701 428

Stan Chambers – Mt Brisbane, Mt Pleasant Ph: 3425 1231 or 0427 200 937


Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for more up to date information on events and workshops, safety tips, cool stuff (& the hot stuff), hazard reduction burns, & photos.

Our 4 closest neighbouring brigades all have Facebook pages including Ocean View, Samsonvale, Closeburn & Clear Mountain.  Why not check them out too.

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