Health and fitness top 2015 resolution lists

 – let’s make them stick!
Queenslanders are taking on 2015 by setting big goals for their health and wellbeing.  Cancer Council Queensland (CCQ) want to help people across our state achieve a better quality of life and establish new healthy habits.
Many people may not realise that one-third of all cancers are preventable with simple lifestyle changes including eating healthily, being SunSmart, moving more, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake.
CCQ offers the following top tips for keeping your 2015 New Year’s health and wellbeing Resolutions:
Set a goal that’s achievable – be realistic about your resolution. 
If you feel like giving up, remind yourself of why you decided to change and how your action will benefit your health in the short and long term (prevent cancer!)
Set a timeline and a healthy reward for your actions such as a massage or time with friends and family.
Identify obstacles –how will you handle the hard times when they arrive?
Get support – tell others about your resolution and ask for their ongoing encouragement. 
Find something new and meaningful to get involved in, such as Cancer Council’s Relay For Life.
Join the QUEST to reduce your risk of cancer at 
More information about Cancer Council Queensland is available at or via Cancer Council’s 13 11 20.

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