Dayboro Uniting Church

22 Williams St (Next to the Post Office)

22 Williams St
(Next to the Post Office)


Sundays 08:30am        (Communion 3rd Sunday)

Christmas Eve               7pm Refreshments on deck

                                  7:30pm Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Day              11:00am at Mt Mee

Tuesdays in term time   09:30am Mainly Music     (Music & movement for up to 5yo)

Thursday 1pm              Card Sharps   Play cards and raise funds for an orphanage in Bolivia.

Friday 10:00am to 1pm Conversation Club   A drop-in morning including great talks and a good (too good  –  see the minister’s waistline!) lunch.

Ask us about home groups held throughout the Dayboro area

Much of our lives are spent waiting.  Our mothers wait for us to be born.  Children wait for their birthdays, or for Christmas, or to get to their holiday destination (“Are we there yet?”). Young people wait for exam results.  Have I got the job I’ve applied for?  Things go wrong with our bodies as we get older, we wait for tests to come back.  Some of this waiting is joyful anticipation, some is anxious foreboding.

Both kinds are on display during the church’s season of Advent, the four weeks or so leading up to Christmas. Christians look forward to God establishing a new heaven and earth, that’s the joyful anticipation bit, but the way the gospel writers use hyperbole to describe what happens in the lead up to this happy ending is scary, to say the least.  Natural disasters, terrorist atrocities and a drift to war and away from peace in so much of the world make us fear the worst while we wait to see what awful thing will happen next.

But Christmas represents Christ’s light piercing this darkness. And we can carry that light with us while we wait.  You know how we hold candles, real or battery operated, to light up a carol service? Instead of just waiting, we can carry our own lights to others, lights of agitation for peace, concern for the homeless and refugees, concern for our neighbours in Dayboro who might be going through their own dark patch just now.  Don’t just wait. Shine a light.

Pastor Richard Lance 0447 447 945                              *

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