Christmas Survival – 8 tips to a wonderful holiday!

The sooner you try out these tips, the more prepared you will be for the holiday foods.

  1. Activity compensates for extra calories 

Gift yourself 30 minutes of exercise a day and enough rest. Exercise burns energy, releases endorphins and makes you feel fantastic. You’ll be stressless.

  1. H20, H20, H20 

Be smart – stay well hydrated. It’s a shock absorber, joint lubricant, helps to transport nutrients, eliminates waste and works in regulating body temperature. No fat, calories or cholesterol.

  1. Be a food snob 

Don’t waste precious calories on chips or biscuits. Be selective and choose the foods you really love, or that you associate with the season.  Be aware of the increased accessibility of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol during the holidays and guard against overuse of these substances.

  1. Pre Plate your food.

When you can see what’s on the plate, you eat less. Pile greens and veggies on your plate first, leaving  a little room for those high-calorie treats like sweets and cheeses. The worst thing you can do is stand around a table picking at food. Not only will you be sick, you’ll be sorry!

  1. Drink slimmer 

Alcohol is a double whammy during the holidays.  It tends to weaken your resistance when it comes to eating, and the calories in drinks add up quickly. Drink water between cocktails.

  1. Zen Yourself

Holidays can be stressful and draining. Keep expectations for the holiday season manageable. Organise your time and prioritise the important activities. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do. And don’t forget to schedule some down time to relax.

  1. Slip, don’t slide

If you have a big day, make sure the next day is a vegetable day. Lots of vegetables and raw salads. No dense carbs or meat. Your digestive system will thank you. & H2O.

  1. Prepare Christmas foods that and healthy and safe for your body. Get some great ideas here.


Merry Christmas, May your holidays be full of happiness and joy!

Be the person you want others to be this Christmas!           *Christmas Survival

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