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Meditation Classes Feb 2008

Free weekly meditation classes are being conducted by Sahaja Yoga at Petrie State School ongoing from 16th January. Sahaja Yoga focuses on the growth of the spirit through the enlightenment of kundalini and the knowledge of the chakras.  Many benefits can be gained through the application of kundalini awakening. Take up that New Years resolution […]

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MT MEE NEWS Feb 2008

By Ian Wells

Gumboots! Rain! Mud! Rain!  Pink-Eye! Wormy calves! Rain!  Mud! Thistles!. Stinking Roger! Rain! Mud!

What a summer we are having! But there is grass and water too, what a novelty for our sunburned hills!

Our daughter and her family came over to the Sunshine State from the Land of the Long White Cloud for two weeks and Christmas. They didn’t see the sun once.  But they went home to clear warm sunny days – certainly aberrant weather for Auckland too!

This is the first time since we have been on the Mountain that we have seen pink-eye or barber’s pole anaemia in young calves on their mothers – so be warned!

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