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Find out more about the fantastic opportunities this project offers creative young people!  We are keen to have your participation in the concept development processes and/or the creative collaboration opportunities related to this youth focused event.  Coordinated by Pine Rivers Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).  Phone (07) 3480 6666 for details, or Email

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It was party time for the playgroup in December with the kids enjoying the annual pool party. Santa visited and was received well as were the gifts he was giving. The swimming and eating seemed to wear the little ones out and many went home very tired as did a few parents. It was the adults turn to party next with a delightful dinner at the Ocean View Estate winery. The AGM was held and with all the formalities out the way much of the local produce was sampled and lots of fun was had by all who attended. Now we must return to some form of normality.

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