AUTISM ENTERPRISES – Living a Meaningful Life!

Eamon Briscoe, ready to spend his day in the Autism Enterprises courier van.

Eamon Briscoe, ready to spend his day in the Autism Enterprises courier van.

Our son Eamon Briscoe has Autism.  Very severe autism. Eamon will graduate from Mitchelton Special School this year and for many families with a disabled child this can be a most anxious and worrisome period.  Typically the options available are work at sheltered workshops or day centre placements, none of which would work for Eamons’s unique needs.

In addition to needing to customise a solution we wanted him to have the same opportunities as others to live a meaningful life and have a purpose each day.

Eamon is on the low functioning end of the Autism Spectrum and requires a very high level of one on one support to get through his day.

How could he ever afford full time support?

We needed a solution.  Eamon’s interests are limited but he does love driving around listening to music… Hence was born “Autism Enterprises”.  Autism Enterprises is a courier service for both community volunteering work and paid work and has a late model van with the capacity of 850 kilograms, volume of about 4 cubic metres.

Eamon is accompanied by his marvellous support workers, who drive the van and generally help Eamon get through his day.

Only one month old, Autism Enterprises is supporting The Big Issue by distributing magazines around Brisbane and Ipswich and has been accepted by Sherpa as a delivery driver.  Sherpa is an on-demand delivery business helping businesses and Individuals move anything from A to B in less than 2 hours using a crowd sourced network of drivers.  Currently Autism Enterprises is also discussing with the Dayboro combined churches the concept of shopping for the Elderly or needy in the community.

Autism Enterprises is a registered business, with an ABN and applicable insurances, seeking courier work.  Whether it is transporting whitegoods, packages, flowers or taking on a part time contract too small for conventional courier businesses, we would love to hear from you on or 0477 774 574.

Autism Enterprises is also interested in hearing from trade services who may be interested in supporting the cause such as Mechanical, Web design and hosting, petrol and other general costs.

Eamon lives with his family at Armstrong Creek on the outskirts of Dayboro and covers all of Brisbane with an emphasis of the North West of Brisbane.

In the future Autism Enterprises may also be available as a low cost franchise model for other families seeking post school solutions.

Autism Spectrum Diroder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental condition that affects, among other things, the way an individual relates to his or her environment and their interaction with other people.  The word ‘spectru’ describes the range of difficulties that people with autism may experience and the degree to which they may be affected. Some people may be able to live relatively normal lives, while others may have an accompanying learning disability and require continued specialist support.                               *


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