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The members of the Dayboro Regional Information Network Incorporated wish to extend their sympathies to anyone in the community who has suffered a bereavement. We extend our sympathies to the family and friends of:  Dorothy Williams Peter Nolan

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AMP Feb 2008


Sub-prime crisis (whatever that is), US recession, Share Market heading south, Fuel prices heading north and you not getting any younger. It’s all too hard. Maybe it’s time to cut and run? Maybe not!

To say we are in interesting economic times would be something of an understatement. The Aussie economy, riding at least partly on the back of high demand for our resources appears to be powering along reasonably well in an uncertain world. The goings-on in the US certainly have an impact on our economic well-being, but we are truly part of a global economy today and the US economy isn’t the whole story any more. There’s China, of course and a heap of other trading partners in Asia and Europe, not to mention Japan.

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Whilst everything is going well on the “horse flu” scene the National Management Group (NMG) stresses that it is critical that everyone continues to comply with restrictions.  A major setback could occur if someone did the wrong thing.

We’d really like to completely eradicate this virus from Australian shores.  If achieving that means spraying your hands and dipping your shoes in the tray of disinfectant before entering a local store, it really isn’t too much to ask is it?  It is for just a bit longer folks!  You can do it!

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Your are invited to attend an upcoming opportunity to hear and ask questions about the Biosphere project in a public meeting to be held at the Footy Club at Dayboro on March 17 at 8pm.  If you are unable to attend this meeting another opportunity will be available in Samford before this date – on […]

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Biosphere plans for the D’Aguilar Range landscape

(BIOSPHERE MEETING March 17 – see separate article)

Community groups and residents are encouraged to examine a plan to create a sustainable future for the D’Aguilar Range and its surrounds through a Biosphere initiative.

Biosphere project spokesperson Rosalind Leslie said the voluntary integrated land management strategy is aimed at securing the social, economic and environmental values of the D’Aguilar Range and its surrounding landscape ahead of, and in concert with, the region’s predicted growth.

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